April 4, 2020 Administrative Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law

Newsletter on applicable legal information on the decree that establishes extraordinary actions to address the health emergency that resulted from the SARS- CoV2 virus (“COVID-19”).

Derived from the World Health Organization’s pandemic declaration regarding the virus identified as COVID-19 (Coronavirus), on March 31st, 2020 the Mexican federal government, by publication in the Official Federal Gazette, issued a Decree in which extraordinary measures are determined to address the health emergency that resulted from the SARS-CoV2 virus (“COVID-19”), further referenced as the Decree).

Due to this situation, it is of great importance that companies, and industries have the adequate information about the different applicable legal provisions to comply with the Decree, and also, of the consequences and sanctions that may result from the non-compliance of such.

In order to contribute to the above-mentioned, we have written this document with the following contents:

• Essential and Non-Essential activities
• Obligations of companies with essential and non-essential activities.
• Potential liabilities

o Administrative.
o Criminal.
o Civil.

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