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July 18, 2020 Amparo Trial, Human Rights, Probono

As a result of a Probono case of Avila, Lozano y Rodal, a Federal Judge ordered the Health National Institute for Welfare ("INSABI") and a major private hospital in the State of Nuevo León, to provide medical care for women suffering from breast cancer, despite the disappearance of the Health System known as Popular Insurance.

May 6, 2020 Administrative Law, Amparo

Substance of the Amparo´s Injunction against the closures made as a consequence of the Emergency Declaration caused by the COVID-19 (video in Spanish).

April 29, 2020 Civil Law

Legal Implications COVID-19 on Lease Agreements, (video in Spanish).

April 4, 2020 Administrative Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law

Newsletter on applicable legal information on the decree that establishes extraordinary actions to address the health emergency that resulted from the SARS- CoV2 virus (“COVID-19”).

September 5, 2014 Commercial Law, Human Rights

Ex Officio Reduction of Conventional Interest Rates in Commercial Matters as a Human Rights Protection Measure.